Friday, August 17, 2007

Blocked Ears

I ride a motorcycle. The wind blows thru my hair and I do not get earaches. I ride in a convertible and I do not get blocked ears. I ride with my window down in my Chevy Blazer and now I cannot hear. Why? What in the rides is different that caused my ears to get shut down?

I went to the Doc and he gave me medicine to help but I am pretty much deaf. I noticed I am calmer for some reason. Is it because I cannot hear traffic noises or children screaming or other audible distractions that occur when I have normal hearing? Does this mean that deaf people are more mellow than people that can hear?

I was with a friend the other day and he was working on a car. He had problems and was cursing the car, the tools and anything else he could curse when things went badly for him. I could not really hear him and I kind of liked it because I did not feed off his anger. It felt kind of good. I had coffee with him and his wife later on and they had an argument but I just sat there and enjoyed the coffee because I could hardly hear what was going on. I really enjoyed their company that day.

It has been kind of hot and I have a loud air conditioner. With these blocked ears I can hardly hear the air conditioner noises and I am sleeping better and am enjoying the cooler apartment more.

So in a way, my failure to put the windows up in the car and getting blocked ears turned out not to be so bad. So sometimes when bad things happen they can turn out pretty good!


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CDO said...

some days I wish I didn't hear so well. But still I am Hillbilly Willy – Fun – Food and Politics

having a great time because
The Rural Life is a Great Life
The Rural Life is a Great Life in Arkansas

Samarth said...

feels nice.... a chance to let the heart do the hearing.....hmm...inspiring