Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I met a man today that was a former Minister and he said he was depressed because his son was serving a life time sentence in Prison. I thought that was a good reason to be a little depressed. Then I thought about depression in general. Usually depression is something to be avoided but it does rear its ugly head from time to time. So I thought about things that make me depressed. I'd like to tell you what they are but it is depressing and why should I ruin your day. That is the one aspect of life I wish we could all avoid but there it is. How do we deal with it? Some people say to not dwell on the depression and try to turn your negative thoughts into positive ones. That is hard to do sometimes, unless ice cream is involved. Death and depression seem to be inter-related too. Not too many people say, "I heard that Jim just died, isn't that great. I feel so happy!" Usually it is a sad thing that happened to Jim. Depression depends on how severe the bad news is I guess. A little sad depression is like a bump in life. A really bad depression could be sort of a really deep cliff. Hopefully your depression periods are not so bad. If they are I have a hug for you. How do you deal with those depressive times in your life?


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Art by Ronda Juniper Ray said...

Ah, dear Chumly, I hope depression does not visit itself upon you too terribly often.

Ice cream often does do the trick. Sunshine and warmth and springtime in general, too. Otherwise, it's picking up a paint brush. Never fails to cure what ails. My worst day painting is better than any day, no matter how good a day, spent without picking up a brush.

Given how well you write, I suspect you could paint, too. Have you ever?