Sunday, August 22, 2010

Choir of Angels

I was in church and coming back from communion. The organist was playing up some great angelic song and a good Christian lick on the organ. Unfortunately I bumped into the microphone and it hit her face. I felt terrible and tried to catch the microphone and hit her again. Finally I just backed away and slinked into my pew. After mass I apologized to her and she said to me, "I am a 4Th grade music teacher and I am use to the kids doing things like that." I guess being compared to a 4Th grader was better than being compared to a 1St grader so I apologized again for good measure and trotted out of church. Have you ever had an embarrassing moment in church?

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g. Andrew Hahn said...

I definitely have had an embarrassing moment. Once I had bronchitis and my dad wouldn't let me go to the bathroom to cough up some mucus (gross, I know, and I apologize if it's too much info). Anyway, I sneezed and a wad of mucus shoots straight into this lady's hair in front of me. My dad didn't see... no one saw. I kept it that way.