Saturday, October 02, 2010

Blue Tires

Today I was reminded of blue tires. I use to own a 1991 Blue HD Motorcycle. I went to the HD dealer because I needed new tires. I saw a tire that had blue stripes on it. I thought they would look cool on my bike. I rode around with those blue tires until they wore out. The blue had faded and I was disappointed in them because of that. I went to my friends house and he just bought motorcycle tires that had the blue stripe on them. To my astonishment he took a hose and cleaned the blue off the tires. I asked him what did he do that for? He said, "you don't leave the blue on the tires you always wash them off". I said, "I did not do that because they matched my blue bike". He was amazed and told me he thought I did not wash my tires because I was lazy. I never bought blue tires again. I felt pretty stupid but I still think they made my motorcycle look cool. Have you ever had a blue tire experience?

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