Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentines Day

I don't usually get excited about valentines day being single and enjoying it. I was faced with some lovely ladies that lost their husbands this year. It is sad when people are married for a long time and then are all of a sudden alone again. I think it is more difficult being alone for a woman more than a man. Don't get me wrong men get lonely too but for some reason women seem to have it tougher. So... they invited me to dinner to keep them company for that now dreaded day just so they will have some company. They are good friends and I was friends with their husbands so we both miss them. Yes they have families but it is not the same as they would tell you. So I learned that Valentines day is more than a day for lovers. It is a good day to be a friend and share some times with them too. What do you do on Valentines day? I bet you can think of someone that may need a friend.

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