Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Everything!

Happy Easter, Spring, or whatever Holiday you are celebrating. I went to my ATM to get some extra holiday money. I was happy and in the holiday mood. My money was ejected from the machine and as I counted it and was checking my receipt, I ambled over to my car. Still reading the receipt I did not look up as I tried to open my car door. For some reason it did not open and I looked in my car and was shocked and horrified that there was someone sitting in my drivers seat. A split second later I realized something else. It was not my car. The person looked very afraid and I quickly shouted out I was sorry, wished him a happy Holiday and found my car, which was in back of me. Realizing I had a little yellow VW Beetle and he was in a big white chevy I yelled back to him, "Wow I wasn't even close." He kind of slumped down in his car and he looked like he was trying to hide. Did you ever have this happen to you during the Holiday?

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