Sunday, August 07, 2011

French Vanilla

I volunteer at a hospital and we have free coffee for the visitors. Once in awhile I buy special cream for them. I surprisingly found out that the French Vanilla was the most popular. I also found out that little children are fascinated by the coffee machine and think it is a big toy. The children also know about the soda machine and are constantly pushing its buttons trying to get a soda. Unfortunately the soda is not free. One little guy kept bugging his mom for a soda. Finally she caved. She put the money in. He pushed the soda button and the soda can came down and fell into the soda tray. He looked at it smiled and began walking away. His mom called after him and reminded him to get his soda. He just smiled and told her he just wanted to press the button and watch the soda come out. Do you know children that just like to push adult buttons?

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