Sunday, May 20, 2012

Men in Cement

Men like to build things and make cement floors and sidewalks. One man I know went and got a cement sander, a really good toy for men. He was refinishing his basement and wanted the old floor to look new, clean and smooth. He had a glorious time but in his haste did not use water with the sander and got cement dust all over. Never the less he was proud of his work. He cleaned up his basement and feeling very satisfied with the job done well. He then took a shower to clean himself up. That is when he made a remarkable discovery. When water hits cement dust that is all over ones body it tends to turn into....well cement. The cement sealed his eyes closed and his hair became very brittle and hard. The people at the hospital were very kind to him and he recovered quickly. He admitted his panic when his eyes hardened up and was worried about other openings that might also get clogged with cement. His wife was amused and is happily thinking up as many cement jokes as she can.

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