Saturday, August 04, 2012

Where am I ??!!

After volunteering for Ronald McDonald House at the Hospital I was a little hungry.  Forgetting I was wearing my Ronald McDonald shirt I walked into Burger King.  I immediatly ordered a drink.  The waitress looked at me and a little leary and explained that Dunkin Donuts only made what I ordered.  The Dunkin place was next door so I tried to be funny and asked if they could send someone over to the Donut place and get me one.  A few minutes later I was sitting at a table with the manager and he kept asking me if I was ok.  He was also reassuring me help was on the way.  The Ambulance people were very nice and before going with them I asked if I could get something from my car.  They agreed.  As soon as I got in my Yellow VW Bug, I locked the door and headed for home and safety.  Unfortunatley for me the Ambulance that came to "Help" me is located a few doors down from where I live.   They were amused, accepted my apology, and a small donation. I will also be volunteering at the Fire House for the next few fund raisers.  From now on if I have my Ronald McDonald shirt on and I am hungry I go to Wendy's.  Tough getting old. 

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