Thursday, February 28, 2013

Does not compute.

Computing started with a Commodore 64.  Today it is a 64 bit Windows 8 nightmare with viruses, hackers and spam.  I thought it was going to get easier and for awhile it did.  Now it is complicated to me.  Especially with all the "fix your computer and make it faster'" software that is all over the Internet.  I don't buy a car and then buy brakes after to make it stop.  The brakes worked when I bought the car.  Of course now cars are beginning to get more technology in them and in the future maybe you will have to buy break software.  For a technology that is suppose to have gotten faster and more reliable it seems to have gotten more expensive and unreliable.  Is it only me that thinks this?
Thank God for the people in India.  It seems they are the only ones that know how to fix this stuff.  Plus they are only a phone call away.  Still I continue with my computer and keep coming back like an abused person.  Why for some reason, does this not compute?

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