Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Judas - A lesson in economics that isn't funny.

It is said that Judas committed suicide after he betrayed Jesus.
One of the reasons was he felt guilty because he betrayed Jesus.
Another reason was he had to do it, with Jesus knowledge, to fulfill the prophecy.
The third reason no one acknowledges.
It was revealed to Judas after it was done. 
That the exploitation of  his betrayal/Jesus death.  Would create power and wealth beyond his imagination to a future Christian Religion.  Based on the fact that he only did it for 32 pieces of silver, when he could have made so much more.  He would not only be labeled a traitor but also a fool.  This was the motivation for his suicidal actions!
The act was accomplished after another revelation that other religions would be started for similar power and wealth.  Thus wars, hatred and violence would be born because God's infinite pocket book was more important to man than his word. 
Welcome to The Crusades, Boston, the Twin towers, gun violence and our children's future.
If you had the same opportunity and knowledge Judas had what would you do?

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