Saturday, April 22, 2006

Moi President?

I have been thinking about the upcoming presidential election. You know the one where we Americans vote for a president to run the United States. When I was little I use to think that America was all the way down past Mexico and included all those other places which I thought were states. I just figgered that we ran out of stars and stripes because if we added them all, our flag would be too big. Later on as I grew older I wondered why Americans only let Southern America use and sell drugs. It wasn't until after I turned 30 plus I got sober and found out that North America was the United States one. I was pretty amazed that Canada wasn't a part of the United States and Alaska and Hawaii was. LSD sure ran my life for a long time making me not really want to get involved in politics.

So, after Garcia died, I began to realize then that I did not like the people that were United States Presidents. I didn't like Clinton and I am really not all that found of Bush. I am not a registered Democrate or Republican. Here is another interesting fact. Republicans are not all Italians. I thought Italians were republicans because I thought that since Rome was a Republic, sometimes, that only Italians were Republicans. Which explains why I thought Lincoln was Italian. That and why Lincoln had that big wart.

Therefore I think I am letting everyone knows that reads my blog that I am now a candidate for president of the Northern part of America. Not the Southern part. Not that I would not mind being president of that place too! If I was president of both of them then we would not have to worry about illeagle people in either the north or south part of America.

My plan for criminals would to put them all on an airplane and ship them to those countries that don't like us. Let them have a taste of what really bad Americans are and maybe they will say, "Hey those Americans, we were terrorizing, weren't as bad as we thought. Now that we see what kind of other "really bad" Americans there are, we don't want anything to do with any kind of Americans." I got that idea from Castro and Jimmy Carter, so you see I did learn something and have some experience.

I'd let North America in on the drug profits that South America is getting. Why should they have a monopoly. Isn't America suppose to support free enterprise and not monopolies?

I am not married so I could have a "Pick the First Lady" reality show every year just like American Idol. I think celebraties should make up my cabinet because that way instead of income taxes we could just have benefits and concerts. I think people would rather spend money on those things and see their favorite people or bands instead of the tax thing.

I would make "The Daily Show" my press people. All of them.

My Vice President would be someone all Americans will hate so I don't get Assassinated. I got this idea from Bush! See more proven experience I gots.

I got a few more ideas also. Since no one ever reads my blog I probably won't run. I need something called "support!" Well, if anyone ever does, let me know and what you want a president to be so I know what to do. Thanks.

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