Monday, April 24, 2006

Not another Vortex! ~()~

I am sleeping now! Am I sleeping now? Whatever! I am back in the vortex of darkness with words that are floating at fantastic speeds setting off synaptic signals of electric thought. Crashing, bumping, crushing and disappearing madness between sleep reality and awakened unrealities. There is thunder somewhere out there distancing awareness from me. I cannot feel the wetness of the rain but here it knocks around while tapdancing those last hysterical steps before exploding into fragments of water shrapnel when contacting immovable objects fastened to the earth. The sentence runs on and on creating word after word and leaving them like footsteps so a reader can follow and interpret them while adventuring into the writers mind. The swirling continues inside the vortex. Yet! There is no movement but thought. Then even thought ceases to move. Blackness overtakes the darkness and soothes its silken fingers throughout the now restful mind. Solitude shrinks into numbness and I am off to another sequence of dreams.

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