Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Suicide Bomber Training Camp

I was interested to hear that the terrorists are running out of Suicide Bombers. I guess the problem is that they are all committing suicide. The Japaneese had the same problem during WWII, so you would think the terrorists would have learned. Then I found out that one of the instructors was captured. Maybe the students turned him in. I talked about this at an AA meeting (Alcoholics Annonymous) and began wondering if the Suicide Bombers have meetings. For example, "Hello! My name is Abu and I am a Suicide Bomber. I have been a bomber for 30 days. I just cannot seem to get on that bus. I get near the bus, but just cannot get on it." The advice could be, "Just don't think about it. Once on the bus you'll be fine. The air conditioners rarely work so it is unbearably hot and stickey. The driver is always in a bad mood and will probably make trouble for you if you don't have the right change. The bus will be overcrowded and stinkey. Believe me by the time you find a seat you will be happy to pull the cord on the knapsack and blow all those infidels and yourself up!"

Then there is the school itself. First off no seats because the classes are short. You probably go in and they take roll call. Then the terrorist teacher shows the students a knapsack with a cord that blows up the knapsack after you pull the cord.
The cord is probably color coded so you can easily identify it. There are possibly two cords a primary and a back up like a parachute. The terrorist teacher says something like, "Put on the knapsack and pull the primary (Red) cord after you get on the bus or find a seat in the lunch place or simply blend into a group of infidels. If the primary (red) cord doesn't work pull the secondary (green) cord. Some people like to pull the both cords at once because that usually gaurantees a successful explosion and you get double the virgins." Then they sign papers designating what family member gets the insurance once they blow themselves up.

There probably is a graduation with robes because even in the states students that graduate only wear the robes once. Finally the surviving relative can give the graduation robe to one of the females in the family so she can have a new dress.

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