Friday, May 12, 2006

It's just that.............

I decided to talk in circles the other day to someone and found out that even though I did and could, I really did not get or go anywhere. I wasn't in a physical circle but in a room sitting in one chair and the person I was talking to was sitting in another. I don't write in my blog everyday but think about the people that don't read it constantly. What exactly are they reading? Maybe I don't blog well or have the wrong concept of a blog? It didn't matter much that that black cat almost crossed my path. The cat stopped looked over its shoulder at me then decided not to cross my path but go back underneath the porch it came sauntering out of. That is why my favorite ride of all rides is the Merry-Go-Round. I loved those wooden painted horses when I was a kid. The way they went up and down and around in that circle was great. I pretended I was Roy Rodgers or Gene Audry picking off bandits and robbers being spotted when passing those people over and over again. Of course the ice cream wasn't that bad either. What is it with circles? People draw them on paper, in the dirt with sticks, in the air with their fingers or just fill them in with their pencils when reading a boring article in school. Planets circle, stars circle, circles circle. In a round about way of course. Which brings me back to my original circle of talking; or in this case writing in circles. Which is not true. I did not draw a circle around my computer then sit in the middle of it and type away. I just imagined it. I like making circles with my arms around special people then drawing them into me ending up with a hug. That's a nice circle. Want one?

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