Saturday, May 20, 2006

Most frightening words in the world are..............

"I am a Christian."
Now, maybe they are not the most frightening words in the world but they sure make me run down the street when someone approaches me. I am not an over religious person. I do go to church every Sunday, well, actually, the late evening one on Saturday. I believe in God and I am a Christian. I am amazed that I can break the Ten Commandments, and I have. All I have to do is ask God to forgive me and he will. Like Father Guido says, God gives us $14.35 for each day we live and when we die we have to pay for our sins with the cash we earned while we were alive. I believe that too! As for me when someone breaks my own Ten Commandments then I have a hard time forgiving them. Now I believe each of us has our own Ten Commandments, which we have made up, that our friends and family must follow. I have never put them in writing and believe me they change a lot, which is why I could never write them in stone. Just think a minute. If you had to write the 10 Commandments what would you write? A non-smoker might make people not smoke around them as a commandment for instance. A smoker might make it a commandment to let people smoke where ever they wanted. So what would yours be? Today mine would be:

1. Thou shalt never say anything bad about me, ever, even if you want to.
2. Thou shalt remember my birthday and also give me presents for my birthday, on Christmas and candy for Easter.
3. Thou shalt let me take a day off from work any time I want, and pay me for it.
4. Honour my father and mother by lying to them when you see me doing something bad and they ask about it.
5. Thou shalt not hurt me or kill me. Even if I piss you off real bad.
6. Thou shalt not try to date or go to bed with anyone I like. Believe me Jesse James is in big trouble since he married Sandra Bullock.
7. Thou shalt not steal from me or borrow anything from me I already stole or borrowed from you.
8. Thou shalt not lie about me to my face, behind my face or if my face isn't around, but put up with my tall tales about you.
9. Thou shalt remember that this commandment is whatever comes to my mind at the time you are not listening to me.
10. These commandments can only be changed by me and obeyed by you. So, don't duplicate them for your own use.

On second thought maybe I should let God handle the commandments.

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