Thursday, May 18, 2006

Hey you, you, you and you?

I met a person that had many personalities and knew every one. When at a party, that person had a personality, that was the life of the party. When at a funeral that person slipped into a morner. When at a sports event the fan emerged. When in work the perfect worker clocked in right on time. This person could blend in well in any event by changing personalities to fit the situation. Each personality actually had a name. Some of the personalities had nicknames to fit the situation. For example in Church the name was a saintly one. In the supermarket the name was an impatient one while waiting in line. The personalities were so different that if one got in trouble the others would come to the aid of the distressed one. This person was single, because there was always plenty of company inside the personality lounge that lived in the brain that housed all these personalities. Each personality took responsibility for the actions acted out in the situations it emerged in. If some person, who worked with the work personality, happened to see the supermarket personality the next time in work they would say to the work personality, "Hey I saw you at the supermarket the other day." The then work personality would say, "Yes and I saw you but I wasn't myself." Which was true in a sense.

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Suhud Natapura said...

and do you have others too...?