Monday, March 29, 2010

Southern Smiles

My daughter lives in North Carolina and she went to the local Home Depot to see if she could rent a rug cleaner. Seems her son spilled some stuff on her rug and she decided it was time to clean all the rugs during her Spring Cleaning. She wanted something good because they have 4 children, two dogs and two cats. So she explained this to the Home Depot person and he told her of a great rug cleaner he had. He said, "I got a dandy rug cleaner. I went to the junk yard to get a new seat for my car. I found one that had grease on it and blood from the guy bleeding out from the shootout. It took the blood and grease right out." The salesman was pretty excited that it took out that blood and grease. So my daughter decided that that is the rug cleaner for her. She said you only might hear stories like this down South but how else would you know how good the rug cleaner is. That rug cleaner sounded pretty good. What kind of rug cleaner would you use?

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