Sunday, June 06, 2010


Went to my 40Th, count em, 40Th class reunion. It had everything a class reunion should have. The high light for me was talking to a guy for 5 minutes thinking he was in my class. Turned out he was there with his wife that graduated with our class. I felt pretty embarrassed so I picked myself up and got in there and talked to another guy in my class. Unfortunately for me he was a twin and I got him mixed up too. Man. I decided it was time to quite trying to converse and just went to the dance floor and danced. I was having a hard time doing that. I have been sober 20 years and it did something to my dancing skills. So I decided to just sit it out and talk to Charlie's wife who was from one of the Asian countries and only talked broken English in a very very low voice. It was the best conversation I had all night. Oh well. How was your class reunion?

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