Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Wright, right, wrong.

Sometimes I feel I am right and sometimes I feel I am wrong. Lately I feel I am wrong about everything. I like to be right once in awhile but not when it offends or hurts the other person that has to be right. Right and wrong seems to cause a lot of fights in a relationship, especially marriage. I am single so if I argue a right or wrong issue to myself it does not matter if I win or not. Just so I make sure I do not go to bed mad at myself. I am only writing this now because I need something to do before my show "RESCUE ME" comes on. I like the show because I think we all need rescuing once in awhile. What do you do to fill in the time?

1 comment:

WooleyBugger said...

I went over to read some of your book I see you did. You had me laughing my tail off, especially the prozac and smoking special stuff for your eyes.

Your good.