Tuesday, July 06, 2010


I like coffee. The problem is I drink too much and I get jittery. Today it was about 98 degrees outside and I have been drinking iced coffee all day. Iced coffee I have found gets me as jittery as warm coffee. Yep! I am definitely Jitterizing pretty good. My mind has reached the over 100 thoughts per second speed and I am jumping around like a cricket on a hot plate. Good coffee. There is another side effect that is not so great. Lots of coffee equals a lot of trips to the rest areas in and outside the home. Another bad side effect is that time seems to be standing still but I am anything but still, physically or mentally. I may be repeating my self and that is another effect of my iced coffee consumption. How about you do you have a coffee intolerance or can you drink it and still be stable?

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