Sunday, March 27, 2011

Lost in a driveway.

I was in my car the other day opened the door and dropped my keys. I thought they fell and bounced under the car. I looked at the ground area by my car door and found nothing. Then I got out of the car and crawled around looking underneath the car. Still no keys. Then I noticed a stairway leading down to a basement near my car. I went up and down the steps and scowered the area. Having again finding nothing I started to panic a little because that was the only set of keys I had with me. I crawled under the car again and then stood by my opened car door. To my relieved suprise I found that my keys had somehow had fallen between the seat and door toward the back of the seat. I felt a little foolish but happy. Have you ever dropped your keys in a Church Parking lot as it was filling up with people going to church? If you did then you know about the stares people give you and the horns that beep at you when you are looking for them.

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