Sunday, September 11, 2011


The story is of a Minister that came up with a home run sermon. He worked hard at it and it was the best one he ever wrote. He was very excited and could not wait for the next service so he could wow the congregation with his super message. On the big day he confidently took the podium and began to deliver the goods. Just when he started a pair of twins started to cry and fuss. The also enticed the other little babies to join in the chorus of baby noises. Baffled, upset and a little angry the Minister stopped his sermon hoping the babies would settle. They did not and only got worse. Finally he gave up and left the podium very disappointed. A few seconds after he left the babies got quiet. He came back and related to the congregation that he wrote a great sermon and that God had reminded him of the Sin of Pride by having the babies disrupt his sermon which he had thought so highly of. He blessed the babies and never gave the sermon but was happy with the results just the same. I learned to be patient that day. Just before the sermon started I had to go to the bathroom very badly. Because the babies cut the sermon short I was able to thank God too and get relief. How was church for you today?

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