Sunday, September 18, 2011

Technical Marvel

I drove my VW Bug to church. I arrived and exited my VW and locked my door with my fancy electronic key by just a push of the button. It locked up my car just fine. Then I realized I had forgot something and pushed the magical button again. Nothing. I pressed it again double nothing. My VW was securely locked. So for about 5 minuted I pushed the electronic device until panic began to surface mixed with a little anxiety. I tried the trunk, lock, unlock buttons and triple nothing leaving me definitely out. I sighed realizing my cell phone was locked in the car also so I could not call the Auto service for help. I also thought how will I get to work, I work weekends and have my days off during the week which I like. Then something strange happened. I noticed my ignition key I used to start the car. No, maybe in the old days they also opened the car doors too. So I gave it a try. That technically marvelous key worked and actually open my VW Bug's door. How are you with technical marvelous devices?

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