Sunday, October 16, 2011

Female Friends

Growing up being the youngest of five sisters I have learned that women can be tricky to get along with as sisters but really good and faithful friends. The first problem is getting past the sex thing. Women seem to be a little leary at first when a man is friendly and 9 and 1/2 times out of ten they should be. Once that is solved I have found that I really enjoy women as just friends. Now that I am older these friendships are getting better and better. As I age I look back and see the great changes that have taken place and I do believe there has been a good things happening not only in men and women relationships but with all people. So give friendship with a man or woman in your life a chance. Plus don't forget women are good cooks and bakers and believe me the food is much better shared in friendship. Have you made any new friends?

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