Sunday, October 09, 2011


We have come a long way since the Commodore 64 Computer. Instead of getting simpler computing has become more and more confusing to me. We still have dial up and are suppose to have quicker INTERNET connecting with WiFi, Broadband, cable, satellite connections and whatever. Lately it has been as fast as the dial up I had years ago, just more expensive. Then we went from floppy discs, to all kinds of extra storage stuff and ended up with a flash drive thing. We have also learned about something called a USB port. It is amazing and I am happy to be experiencing all this stuff. I only wish there was a way to make use of a computer easier and have manuals that were not the size of 2 phone books put together. Children amaze me because they seem to be computer savvy the moment they are born. It is almost like they are taking classes while waiting the nine months or whatever. No wonder women seem to have bigger bellies. It is because they need room for all that computer equipment. Which also explains why computers are getting smaller. How do you keep up with all this computing stuff?

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