Sunday, April 29, 2012

Billy what are you doing?

Billy is very young and bored in church. So he sticks his hand in the back of his trousers for a scratch or to fix his underpants. Eventually his hand needs company so the other hand dives in and helps whatever is of interest back there. Mom sees this and nudges Billy while whispering a rebuke. Billy complies. Both hands come out. A few minutes later Billy needs a snack and finds some nourishment in his nose which he delivers to his stomach via his mouth. Once again mom is there to acknowledge Billy's behavior. Then the time comes when everyone in church is suppose to offer the sign of peace to the people sitting near them. For some reason no one is shaking Billy's hands but are saying peace to him as they maintain their distance. Billy must be use to this because he smiles and gives them the peace sign and begins to wiggle out a little dance. "Billy what are you doing? Stop that." His mom says to him for about the millionth time. Who says church can't be fun. Not Billy.

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