Saturday, April 07, 2012

Please don't Passover Easter

A little play on holiday words. If Jesus was Jewish does that mean his followers are also Jewish? If so maybe we should combine the holidays. The first half of the Bible is the same for everybody isn't it? So many questions but when I was small the most important one was. "Where did my parents hide that Easter Basket full of candy?" I also learned never to hide chocolate candy in white pants pockets. It will melt and your mom will get mad. Plus I think Chocolate Crosses are creepy and should be banned.

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Kionon said...

Hmm... Interesting idea, and yes, the disciples were Jewish. For quite a while under the Romans, Christianity was considered a Jewish "sect" because the only difference to the Romans was that to Christians, the messiah had appeared, to non-Christian Jews, He had not.

I know you wanted to follow my blog because of an interest in Korea, and I did post some stuff about Korea, it is primarily a prep style blog and Japan centered travel blog. I haven't been back to Korea in nearly four years. Sorry to disappoint, but thank you for commenting!