Sunday, November 18, 2012

It is in the stars.

A little boy I know was close to his Grandfather.  His Grandfather was a fixer and was constantly working on cars, his home, helping his neighbors and paying attention to this Grandson.  One day his Grandson had to be told his Grandfather had , "Gone to Heaven to help God fix the stars and keep them shining bright for all to see and enjoy."  This little Grandson got the idea to leave money, cookies and milk for his Grandfather on his Grandfathers Birthday and Christmas.  That way his Grandfather would have the strength and finances to fix the stars.  When asked if he was worried Santa Clause would take the cookies by mistake.  The little Grandson thought a moment then thoughtfully replied.  "No Grandpa was a biker and I don't think Santa would mess with his money, milk or cookies."

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