Saturday, November 10, 2012

Where did the phrase hand out originate?

I donated to a Charity once. I believe the Charity people must have a list of people who fill charitable hands when they are out. Ever since that one donation I have been hounded by charities. I get them, online, in the mail, on the street, TV, radio and at my door. Do not get me wrong charities are good and do help people. Sometime they go a little too far. Like the one I was solicited for the other day. It went like this: Because of Hurricane Sandy, and other disasters, "Pet Rocks" have been washed away, stolen, and abandoned. Please give so these adorable "Pet Rocks" can be returned to their homes, or adopted and get new families. Rocks Association Yonkers Nevada On Wednesday.  Also known as Pray now It was an ad on a Carton of Wine with a picture of a lost or missing "Pet Rock."

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