Sunday, December 12, 2004


Ever sit in the center of your mind? I tried this one evening just before my pre-rem sleep. I was having a hard time sleeping and it occured to me to sit in the center of my mind. What I saw was the shape of a person that was illuminated sitting in the dark. I was disappointed because I thought that some kind of hidden world would open to me. My mind was not willing to reveal itself or was it my brain that was unwilling to show me what was in the center of my mind? I guess I could have used my "imagination" but my brain or mind would have none of that. I can take a brain and hold it in my hand. I can label it's parts, feel it, cut it open, toss it, and see it. That I could never do to my own brain because it is beneath my hair, skin, skull and other stuff. How can I use my brain to see my mind or use my mind to see my brain? Was my mind suppose to tell my brain to reveal itself or my brain tell my mind to show me around myself? I somehow drifted to sleep, then woke up the next morning no longer sitting in the center of my brain or mind. So it continues.

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