Wednesday, December 29, 2004

String Theory et al.

We are living in a universe held together by string! According to some mathmaticians, physicists and a whole lotta other smart people. The opposition party consists of people that believe in Atoms, Electrons, Protons, and good ol' sub atomic smashing of things. Then there is of course the religious theory of God creating Adam smashing into Eve. The other theories seem to be the Trailer Trash Theories which range between, Stuff happens, a government plot, or possibly bored Aliens from somewhere other than Earth and beyond. Personally I seem to fall into the "Trashy Theories" and believe that the Universe is held together by beads.

Let us face it who does not like beads. The indians liked them enough to sell their land, or get free blankets. The people in New Orleans like them, tourists like them and small children play with them, make things with them and eventually choke on them if they are not supervised.

To satisfy other theorists I like to link the beads together with string. Beads and Strings are great gift givers as oppose to just a handfull of colorful and decorative beads. Then light up the beads with glowing stuff inside and we have a necklace or bracelet of bright mesmerizing orbs that can grab the fancy of almost any child or adult that is not blind or otherwise handicapped, toward beads or strings that glow. Finally give Adam the beads to give to Eve and watch the fun begin.

Problem solved. Time for a nap


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