Thursday, October 18, 2007

Across the Universe

Sometimes we come across the universe; fall into memory worm holes in time and space that take us back to times forgotten thru sights and sounds which bring forward to the minds eye the realities of the past. This happens when we watch a simple thing like a movie.

We live in a world where we can now watch our past be filmed, restored, transcribed and reintroduced into our worlds that were once lived and almost forgotten. Not too far ago man relied on his memory and told stories of things adults experienced before the birth of children. The children used their imagination and transported themselves into a fantasy past on newly paved roads of words spoken by past lives.

So today this tradition still exists but is backed up by films and recordings that are as real as rain falling on the sensitivity of ones skin.

The various ages in the seats sit before the passing images of light produced and transported by an invention called film. No film can flicker in the realities of the past events that arise in minds that are pushing aside cobwebs of "I remember" and creating pathways which are being freshly trodden by youth.

One leaves behind an amen once the theater is exited and the tangled nurons of the mind begin to reset and form the humdrum of the present. These moments of life remind us that we have crossed the universe in a darken room with flashing life images then have come back and may or not be pleased with its ending.

A thought of pot should be legal for movies like this may flash across advertisements and reflections which are also peppered with thoughts of hugs and love smoldering through out after brain residues in romantic idealism.


Omar said...

i was just on google and saw it i think i might have the link

charack said...

I find that music or more specifically lyrics in song can do that.

I can hear a song from years ago and literally still recall the events, the times, the places. Like a time machine, and one can see, smell and touch the events of the past.