Thursday, October 11, 2007

Speed Limited

I finally hit the speed limit of my life. I turned 55 and I am ready to enter the fast lane of life. Well maybe not the real fast lane. I noticed I drive slower when behind the wheel of my car. I even have slowed down on my motorcycle and have been enjoying the scenery more and more. So maybe I am just enjoying the speed limit. I have been working out and have increased my speed on that bike I have been riding that goes no where. That is the thing about riding those exercise bikes they get a bit boring because they do not move and there is not much to see. I enjoy walks better because I get to see trees and tiny furry animals running around. I have been noticing people who drive and are talking on their cell phones more and more. One guy was on his phone and ran a red light. Well half way. He realized he was running the light, stopped halfway thru the light backed up and then hit the car behind him. Another lady was stopped at a light. The light changed from green to red to green to red and back to green. People started to beep their horns at her. She rolled down the window and yelled, "Hey! I'm on the phone here". So then people drove around her. I thought maybe her car was broken, but then she finally drove when the light changed again to red and was on her way. I wonder sometimes about people.

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