Monday, June 23, 2008

Hot Pockets

I have become addicted to Hot Pockets. They are these little food treats you throw into the micro wave and feast on. It was an accident. I went into the grocery store one day and when I was leaving I got a coupon for Hot Pockets with my receipt.
So the next time I went to the grocery store I used my coupon and got the Hot Pockets. When I got my next receipt, low and behold, I got another Hot Pocket coupon. Then again on my next grocery trip I got some more Hot Pockets and believe it or not, another Hot Pocket coupon. This has happened over 6 times now. I buy the Hot Pockets and wonder if it will happen again and I wonder, "Will I get that coupon". Will I continue to eat Hot Pockets or will I have to join Hot Pockets Anonymous to wean myself off of them. I anxiously wait for the receipt and beads of sweat appear on my forehead. Will I get another Hot Pocket coupon? Yessss! My Hot Pocket luck continues.

Well that is my Hot Pocket story. Do you use coupons? What is your favorite one?


Art by Ronda Juniper Ray said...

You are a kindred spirit. Hot Pockets are my life! Well, Lean Pockets, actually -- many of we woman have to watch such things, or at least, I have to watch such things.

Easy, often cheesy, contained calorie count, no dishes to wash. Surely the perfect food!

Be sure you try the bacon and eggers for breakfast. Delicious!

mac said...

Comedian Jim Gaffigan has a different take on Hot Pockets: