Friday, June 20, 2008

Stop and Think

Sometimes I just stop and think. I started thinking about all my friends that had died due to heart attacks or cancer. I recently heard of a friend that was going to the doctors and felt sick to her stomach. She told her husband she was tired of feeling sick and decided to lay down and cancel the doctor's appointment. She died later that night. We recently saw on he news that Tim Russert passed away due to a heart attack. I guess we just never really know when our number will be up. I knew a person who was a millionaire. He owned his own factory, flew an airplane, loved his family and had lots of friends. Then after a lot of nagging he finally went to his doctor for checkup. He was always too busy for doctors and even though he was feeling not so good, he kept putting the doctors visit off. Well, unfortunately, he had cancer. If he had gone to see the doctor earlier he could have been saved. He died within six months. I am 55 now and it seems this is the beginning of the end of some of my friends, and one day me. I am reflecting on how much I aged and how closer I have come to that grim reaper.

Then I am shaken out of my thoughts. The number 73 has been called from the person behind the deli counter. I acknowledge I have that number and order my cold cuts, then continue shopping. My mind now is thinking about something else as I go on my way.

What do you think about when you are waiting for your number to be called while you are standing in the deli line?


Art by Ronda Juniper Ray said...

Oh dear oh dear, what have we here? Glad your fresh cold cuts shook you from your grim reverie!

And the answer to your question is, I NEVER stand on line. If there's a line for something, I don't need it. Life's, uhhhh, too short to stand on line for ANYTHING!

Daisy said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog!