Friday, June 27, 2008

Roominations or Ruminations

I was just sitting here listening to some really really really mellow music and just thinking. I was thinking that being special isn't so bad. Then I thought about being in a special classroom; full of special students is kind of something especially different. Yet. We, most of us, want to be special. Loved and respected. I like sitting next to a certain special child in church. He has Downs Syndrome but sings great and has a great smile when we come to the, "offer each other a sign of peace," moment in church. So being special is special in a special sort of way, I guess. Being special is especially strange when someone is special in a crowd of normal people that want to be special in a different way. Of course if you get caught driving drunk and the policeman tells you that drinking and driving will bring you a special trip to a special cell. That is one special experience you may not desire. Then there is special stuff like, special food, special feelings, special gifts, and special days. Which makes me wonder. What is special to you?


Art by Ronda Juniper Ray said...

Reading your posts is always special. I love the way you think.

Have a lovely, thoughtful week full of roominations and ruminations!

Anita said...

Hi, Chumly;
Thanks for stopping by my blog, "Singling".
Finding your comment put a special stamp on my evening.
I'll be browsing your blog, you can be sure.
Hope your Wednesday is "special"!