Sunday, October 12, 2008

Just another day

It was my birthday on the 11th. I could not get excited on becoming 56. I like the every ten year birthdays. My friends and family remembered and I got cards and presents and stuff. It just was not an exciting day. What was special was having coffee with my friends and having a visit and sharing some laughs. That was the best present. My daughter lives in NC so having her so far away way was kind of sad but she is expecting a baby in November and that has me pretty excited. Grandchild number 4. That is something to celebrate. My favorite College football team, Penn State won their game on my birthday. That was pretty neat. I like it when my grandchildren and daughter have their birthdays. I seem to enjoy that more. It must have something to do with age. Becoming 18 then 21 was something to celebrate. As I become older I still enjoy the cake and ice cream but the actual aging just is not as much fun. What birthdays do you look forward to?


Art by Ronda Juniper Ray said...

Happy belated birthday! Do so wish I could have wished you so closer to the day, but was out of touch executing a long state to state move - UGH!

Fifty six? Still a pup, lad, still a pup.

Anne Blythe said...

I am looking forward to my 21st this December. :)