Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Norman Rockwell what have you done?

I was watching the "Daily Show" and found out that if you are from a small town then that is the only way you can be considered American. "Real America" is a Norman Rockwell painting and larger cities like NY, Los Angeles or even Philadelphia are too big to be considered American. Which is pretty sad because most of these larger cities have baseball and football teams that I enjoy watching. Philadelphia for example will even be in the World Series which may now be considered as a Communist thing. Things change. Before this presidential election we had Republicans and Democrats. Now our country is divided into American and Un-American parts. Maybe we should not have these elections if it tears the country so apart. I think we should just have the Republicans have a president for four years then the Democrats have their four years the next term. Keep doing that and everybody should be happy. Of course there are the other political parties and to make it fairer they could be the vice-presidents. I just do not like all this negative stuff that goes on during these elections. What about you? Any ideas?

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