Saturday, November 01, 2008

Happy Halloween

This has been a bummer year in my neighborhood for Halloween. I talked to a few of my neighbors and they said that they only got one or two trick or treaters. Myself I got one knock on my door. It was a drunk person looking for the guy next door. He was so out of it he thought I was visiting his friend. There was not one trick played on my block. No toilet paper was strung and that was OK, but a little sad. The most action I saw were the grocery store guys collecting all the grocery baskets, that were stolen from the store, that were used by the older people to bring home their groceries. Is it because people are afraid to go to houses? I noticed a lot of parties on the local news where kids went. It just seems that this trick or treat thing is losing popularity. How about your area did you have a lot of little visitors in strange costumes?

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