Monday, November 24, 2008

New Beginnings Again!

My daughter was looking for something to do on Saturday Nov. 22. so she decided to have a 9 lb. plus baby boy and name him Alexander. His two sisters and one brother were happy about the birth and so was the new dad. I also got an email from my sister stating that everyone was well and that, "Jane, not her real name, was in the shower and everything was A-OK down there". I thought that was some strange information and still cannot figure exactly what it is she was trying to say. It is important to recheck what you write in those emails before you hit that send button. Did you ever send an email and wish you had rechecked it first?


CatHerder said...

Congrads on your Grandchild!!!! Thanks for visiting my blog..please come not usually so whiny :-)

Anonymous said...

A second congrats on the new grandson! What a wonderful thing to be thankful for at Thanksgiving time. And funny about the coincidences of our life experiences as of late - hot chocolate and a rather embarrassing governor. There's probably something to be said here about great minds etc, but I'm afraid I don't have a great enough mind to make a better quip.

Yes, more often than I care to remember I have sent emails which I immediately either wish I had re-read first or hadn't sent at all. Technology makes sticking one's foot in one's a little too easy, me thinks.

Anne Blythe said...


I do send emails like that. Gmail has this nice feature. If activated, it gives you a math sum to solve before you send any email on friday night so that you calm down and think rationally before sending it.

(apparently that's the time when people are most vulnerable to send silly emails)