Friday, November 14, 2008

Its been awhile.

I have not been blogging for awhile. I have been a little lazy and was involved in the Presidential election. Now that it is over I can hopefully go back to a little blog once or so a week. I have had a little winter writers bock, to tell the truth. What has gotten my attention is that new babies are being born and are being named Barack or Obama or Barack Obama. Not too many went for the Hussane, Hussine, Hussyaine, Hussaine, or however you spell it part. I also learned that some women in their sixties, my sister, have gone and have had their hair done to look like Hillary Clinton. The Sarah Palin glasses are still big I hear and the Joe Biden hair plugs are big but not as big as I had originally thought. Nobody is mimicking McCain at all but that seems to be no surprise. It is amazing how things and people effect our country after an election. Has the election effected you at all?


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you back to blogging! And I'm glad that the election is finally over, too. Too many catty political ads on TV for my tastes. Hussein is a beautiful name, I think. A shame so many ignorant Americans choose to believe it to be associated with terrorism. Sarah Palin costumes were big up here for Halloween. Overall, though, I find it interesting how people's irrational fears become legitimized when it's said in the company of a number of people who agree with you. Anyway, any thoughts yourself, yet, on the administration-to-come?

Sarah Fitzpatrick said...

This post made me giggle.... It is interestingly funny how many people will mimic political figures or celebrities!

Anyway, this was the first election that I was able to exercise my RESPONSIBILITY to vote and I loved all of my experiences that led up to and after the election. If I had to state a way it changed me, I would say that it made me become more involved in politics than ever before and in previous years, I had been involved in them as well.

Just my rambling random thoughts... :)