Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Deck the Porch with burned out light bulbs.

I was hand picked to help my neighbor put up his Christmas lights. That wonderful idea that someone thought up years ago. We did all the traditional light hanging things. We had the traditional cursing of the tangled lights. The plugging in of the numerous extension cords. We had the falling out of decorations from the old box they were packed in. His wife participated in the, "It still looks crooked to me." chant." His dog was full of the, "lets chew on and drag around whatever I can get my teeth into festivities". It was fun playing the replacing the burned out light bulb game and the removing of old tape and tinsel tradition. The end result was, after the swapping of the bitch and bastard arguments, some heart warming gushing aaahhhhs and oooohhhs, and some hot chocolate and coffee. Plus the warmth of the Christmas spirit beginning to take shape. Do you get to enjoy this wonderful yearly event?

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