Tuesday, December 16, 2008

How a pet chooses you.

I noticed a few people talking about getting a pet for Christmas. I was just wondering do we choose pets or do they choose us? A friend of mine was in her yard in the country. She noticed a bird that was near her. They made friends with each other and now the bird goes for drives with her in her car. Another friend of mine went outside one day and found a cat on her porch. Now the cat comes by every day and sometimes goes into her house checks it out. The cat stays until it gets bored goes back out and comes back around when it feels like. Sure many people go to pet stores and browse around until they find the pet that fancies them. I just wonder who sees who first and just what is it about the pet that makes the bond. I hear many stories that the pet does something that attracts the pet seekers attention and then bam, instant love and the pet is on the way to a new home. Do you have any pet stories?


CatHerder said...

They have all chosen us...all of our guys are rescues that have shown up at an opportune time for them to be taken home and spoiled!

Anonymous said...

My dog and I chose each other. She was brought over to see if I would want her, and seriously, it was love at first sight. I haven't been able to want another dog since her because I just don't think I could fairly love another dog the same way.

My old cat, on the other hand. Well, she was supposed to belong to both my sister and me, but the cat wouldn't have anything to do with me, no matter how many treats I would give her. She chose my sister and eventually moved away to New York with her. And hence, I got the dog mentioned above.