Monday, December 29, 2008

Old New Year.

In a few days a New Year. My old year memories are kind of few. My daughter had a son so a new grandson for me. I went swimming at the YMCA and a little kid dropped a floater or two in the pool and it had to be closed. My friends dog got really hyper and ended up on puppy Prozac. I got a new radiator for my car. Had some great rides on my motorcycle and kept up my little blog for another year. All my friends remained healthy and so did my family. So it was a pretty good year. How was your year? If you have any interesting comments or stories feel free to leave them. Have a good and safe New Year and thanks for stopping by. What the heck, have a hug too!

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Sarah Fitzpatrick said...

Interesting memory that happened for me this year

I had a wallet stolen from me during my sophomore year of high school that I never thought I would see again. Yet, several years down the road it decided to return to me after it was found in the high school's football field house.

Life is funny. :)