Sunday, December 07, 2008

Just wondering.

Why do you think what you think when you think it? I was lying in bed and my mind was like a rock skipping on the water of a pond. I kept switching from thought to thought and had no real reason why or how. I was just random thinking and letting my mind go freely where it wanted. I thought of my grandchildren, about a friend I just emailed, about animals and pets I encountered. I had ambient music playing while I was resting. I wonder if that had anything to do with it. My mind did feel like it was flowing with the music. Yet. I was very relaxed. Then at the height of my mental channel switching, I had an urge to relieve myself of some water that had gathered in my body and needed to be voided. I am getting older and that need to pee can get very irksome and frequent. So I had to stop my free flowing thoughts and let flow a body function. I then decided to turn on my computer, check my emails, surf a little and ended up writing this stuff down. I am looking forward to thinking of thinking what I was thinking and think about it some more. Have you ever had an enjoyable thought wandering experience?

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Anne Blythe said...

Yes. It happens often with me. Sometimes I get tired of all the voices and give my head a little shake. :P