Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Food Appreciation.

I had to go on a fast the other day. I was getting a procedure done and the doctor said no food. I never realized how much I liked food until I went on this fast. All I could think about was food. Usually it doesn't bother me but for some reason I could not stop thinking about all kinds of food. The funny thing is now that the procedure is over, I am not really that hungry. Maybe I am one of those people that when I cannot have something I want it. Now that I can eat, my food craving has diminished. Sure, I am hungry, but I am not thinking about food as I did before the fast. Does this stuff happen to you? Are you ok until someone says you cannot have something, then all of a sudden that is the thing you want?

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brenna said...

This happens to me ALL THE DANG TIME. I'm never hungry during the day, but whenever I schedule myself to go to the gym and know I won't be able to eat within two hours of going or else my stomach will hurt, I'm suddenly hungry! And always within the two hour time frame of when I'm not going to eat. I think maybe it's my body's way of telling me that exercise is for the vain and that I should go eat a taco. :)