Tuesday, February 03, 2009

email chains.

I love checking my email. I get about 100 emails a day. 80 of the emails are advertisements or letters from Nigeria telling me I have a relative or won a lottery or whatever and they have millions of dollars for me. Then I get those chain emails. You know the ones that say if you send this email to 10 people a horde of angels will bring you good luck and if you don't your nose will fall off and never stop running. These chain emails drive me bonkers. I must admit some are cute and a little funny but the thought of sending them to my friends makes my stomach feel a little funny. I like my friends and would like to keep them. I do not want to hold them hostages to chain emails. Before the INTERNET these chain letters, as we called them, were even worse because you had to buy envelopes, address them and then put stamps on them. It could cost a little money to keep those hordes of angels in circulation. Today it does not cost anything really. Plus you just hit forward and your contact list is automatically putting in the addresses to forward these chain emails. The only thing it costs is time deleting and reading this stuff. I really hate the chain emails that demand you forward them or else something bad will happen because I like my nose and don't want to lose it. Maybe I am a little silly and should just have a sense of humor and forward them just because angels are pretty good no matter what. What do you think. Do chain emails bother you?

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Anne Blythe said...

Thank you for your comments

Oh I hate chain emails. I just click delete and wait for all those predicted terrible things to happen to me.