Thursday, May 28, 2009


I am not a mechanical person but I like to watch my friend work on cars and trucks. I am in wonder on how buckets of nuts, bolts, rods, pistons, metal, rubber, gaskets, plastic, hoses and an array of other things, all work together to make a machine run. All I have to do is put gas in it and turn the key. My main job when I work on something is let someone else do it and if I am helping stay out of the way. I once replaced a spark plug in my motorcycle and it fell out. Something about turning it wrong and stripping grooved things. I have watched the whole inside of a car and truck motor, engine, muffler, brakes, transmission and other stuff be taken apart and put back together. How does my friend remember putting all those parts back in their proper spot and work is beyond me. I usually buy coffee for the people that do the real work while I watch. Sometimes they let me get tools for them when they work. Sometimes I actually get the right tool they need. That is only after they tell me a few times. So to all my mechanical friends I salute you. I hope you have some mechanical friends that way you will know what I mean. Especially if something breaks down after us non-mechanical friends get mechanical.

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