Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I went to the Doctors office today for an appointment. While I was sitting there an older woman came out using a walker and being helped by a younger woman. The older woman went from the walker to a wheel chair with the help of the other younger woman. After getting settled in the wheel chair. I heard the younger woman say to the lady in the wheel chair. "I do not know why you are crying, you need help and you have to be here". The younger woman then went to the nurse to do some business. This left the lady in the wheel chair alone. I felt bad and patted the shoulder of the lady in the wheel chair and asked what was wrong. It seems she is going blind and cannot stay at home to take care of her husband anymore. She was a little frightened at being left in the hospital and was feeling a bit down. I listened to her and let her talk about what was going on. Then I told her I was in a motorcycle accident and almost lost my vision because of it and I knew how frightened it could be to lose sight. I shared with her how I was helped and explained to her that I knew where she was going, I went to the same place myself, and tried to reassure her there were good people there. She felt better and after a little while got her smile back and she stopped crying. She was also a veteran and she seemed glad to be able to talk to me. The younger woman came and wheeled her away and the older woman looked a bit calmer. I felt good. Did you ever have an experience like mine? I hope you did and would be happy to hear about it.


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say, your story is incredibly sweet and uplifting. You seem to spread cheer wherever you go. Bless you.

Anne Blythe said...

I once met an old German lady in transit at Frankfurt airport. She didn't know English, I didn't know German. But somehow we communicated to each other. It was interesting.